Director: Gareth Edwards
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 1.5

Back in 1998, I went to the movie theatre to see the 'revamp' of Godzilla, starring Matthew Broderick, and thought it one of the worst movies I had ever seen (up to that point) - sixteen years later I went to see this new Godzilla, which is even darker and more grim and while it certainly isn't the worst movie I'll see this year (the battle sequences are decent on the big screen), it is certainly underwhelming. It isn't worth it to go into the plot, but Godzilla in this one isn't an entirely bad creature - he rises from the depths of the ocean to take down two rogue flying M.U.T.O.'s eating up nuclear energy (of course, this does not stop idiot humans from trying to shoot these Super Monsters down with 9mm pistols). Despite trying to focus on the 'human element,' with Aaron Taylor-Johnson avenging his deceased parents, the people in this are insignificant when compared to the focus on Giant Things Eating Buildings which, as you might figure, gets tedious quickly.