The Family

Director: Luc Besson
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.0

An American gangster (Robert De Niro), having ratted on former 'associates,' finds himself (and his wife and two kids) living in the Normandy region of France under the Witness Protection Program ... only the people he wronged want him dead and will stop at nothing to find him. Not much goes right in this tired mob rehash aside from excellent (if obvious) casting decisions (De Niro rehashing a familiar routine of his, Tommy Lee Jones being a grumpy cat) - the four family members are sociopaths whose transgressions are intended to be 'humorous' (wife Michelle Pfeiffer thinks nothing of blowing up a grocery store), the plot device that sends hired killers to France is moronic (even if it was intended to be a joke) and the conclusion is pitiful, though it doesn't surprise me that Besson would film a teenage girl (Dianna Agron) firing a machine gun to take down skilled gunmen (or De Niro and his pooch surviving a rocket attack completely unharmed). Fine if you like the absurd (or want to watch meta-cinema in which "De Niro" screens and praises Goodfellas), but this was all done better elsewhere.