Wrong Cops

Director: Quentin Dupieux
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 0.0

Another absurdist "comedy" (or is that anti-comedy?) about a bunch of rogue police officers who sell marijuana ('hidden' in dead rats), extort people, shoot people, arrest people for no good reason and oh yeah, make music that sounds a lot like director Dupieux's music (he also goes by the moniker 'Mr. Oizo'). The very concept of Police Officers Behaving Like Idiots has already been covered (significantly better, I might add) in film (Super Troopers) and television (Reno 911!) so what Dupieux has to offer is this seemingly unscripted, tedious and frankly amateurish throwaway picture (also flagrant: the director's Advertisements for Himself: Watch Rubber! Buy my albums!). If there's one minor bright spot it's the skill with which Mark Burnham is able to pull off his sociopathic character: criticizing bad music, smoking pot, denouncing the existence of Hell.