At Middleton

Director: Adam Rodgers
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 0.5

Two parents, a heart surgeon (Andy Garcia) with his son (Spencer Lofranco) and a children's furniture seller (Vera Farmiga) with her daughter (Taissa Farmiga, actually Vera's real-life sis), go on a tour of the fictitious Middleton College but quickly ditch their own kids (!?) to get their own taste of college life. The too-cutesy, too convenient rom-com set-up has the adults behaving like teenagers - they steal bikes, trespass, sneak into a silly acting class (and work out their own marital problems), mock the students, smoke pot - while their teens behave a little more like adults (the younger Farmiga demands to meet a professor she idolizes, Lofranco interns for the school's radio station): by the time Garcia takes a hit off the bong and the older Farmiga starts cackling the movie reaches the lowest of its many low points. Though it touches on some very real points about adults coming to terms with their children becoming adults - and in loveless marriages - and about college as a place where people 'find' themselves (some people ... others get more lost), those topics have been covered in other better written and less dopey movies.