Lust in the Dust

Director: Paul Bartel
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 1.5

Tremendously silly 'satire' of the Western, as Divine, Lainie Kazan and Tab Hunter go in search of gold in Chile Verde, fight some bandits (including Geoffrey Lewis), have a few song and dance numbers along the way (including one by ... Divine) and discover there's a treasure map tattooed on two of their asses. It tries for bawdy and tasteless but never gets even close to the extremes of Waters' underground movies, but it does have some innocuous appeal for fans of camp cinema: Hunter's character mimics the Eastwood anti-hero in the Dollars Trilogy and Divine does a nice job channeling his inner-Mae West. Blazing Saddles it isn't ... and even Blazing Saddles wasn't that big of a deal.