Evil Dead

Director: Fede Alvarez
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.0

A drug addict (Jane Levy) goes to a cabin in the woods to detox with friends, but some teacher dweeb gets a little too cute with a Book of the Dead (which just so happens to be in there), reads passages aloud and inadvertently summons demonic spirits to attack the group. Remake of the Sam Raimi movie - except with a considerably more sizeable budget - is just a thoughtless exercise in gore and violence with its mind firmly set on making the audience cringe, which I admit to doing at several occasions (so I suppose it partially succeeds on a purely visceral level). Fans of extreme violence will certainly revel in the arms being sawed or ripped off, tongues and cheeks dug into with knives and Lou Taylor Pucci's eyes attacked with a syringe, though I find the poorly defined characters (here, they're literally meat waiting to be vivisected) and innumerable horror clich├ęs to be fatal weaknesses.