Director: Jean Rollin
Year Released: 1979
Rating: 1.0

A gold thief (Jean-Marie Lemaire) 'takes refuge' in a castle occupied by two young ladies (Brigitte Lahaie and Franca Mai) who want to keep him there until midnight so they can drink his blood (sounds like a fun evening to me). Anyone familiar with Jean Rollin's output knows there is going to be bright red plasma and boobs and lesbians - sometimes all at the same time - and this does not disappoint (anyone that wanted to see the luscious porn star Lahaie swing a scythe while naked and wearing a black cloak is in luck), though Rollin's style focuses solely on the visual aspects of a picture, neglecting the core elements of what constitutes a solid movie (dramatic tension, character development, dialogue ... you know the routine). As much as it pains me to say it, nude women can only take me so far - I need to have a good reason for giving a damn about any of them as individuals.