Director: Ted Demme
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 1.0

Foolishly thinks it's about something substantial, when all it really amounts to is an amalgam of Boogie Nights and some of the more recent drug movies. In fact, Demme lifts a whole lot from Paul Thomas Anderson - it's little wonder PTA is mentioned in the "Thank You" closing credits - with the flashy camera zooms and freeze frames and wildly ugly sets. The film has little to offer in terms of meaning or morality other than the standards: "Drugs are bad," "You always get caught," etc. etc. Dives into irritating sentimentality for the last half-hour when Johnny Depp's daughter is introduced; also, is it just me or is Penelope Cruz downright awful for the amount of time she's in the movie? I thought she was average from her days with Almodóvar, but this is downright inexcusable.