Director: Paul Weitz
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.0

An admissions clerk from Princeton (Tina Fey) is convinced by an alternative education teacher (Paul Rudd) to take a close look at one of his prized pupils, an idiosyncratic autodidact (Nat Wolff), who may be her long-lost son that she gave up for adoption years prior. Safe, soft and humorless to the point of being borderline depressing, this is a glorified made-for-TV movie, with the occasionally perceptive moment - regarding the ridiculous process of trying to gain 'acceptance' by an Ivy League school and the seemingly arbitrary nature of 'selecting' students to attend such an institution - sneaking through to make things slightly more bearable. Fey, so wonderful on television, still doesn't come across as a tenable big screen actress; Weitz, too, seems incapable of making a film with much chutzpah. Coincidentally, I watched this the same night (September 21, 2013) my alma mater defeated the Tigers in football, 29-28. Suck it, Tigers.