Movie 43

Director: Various
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 3.0

Very loosely-assembled collection of comic vignettes - linked together by the frame story of a lunatic (Dennis Quaid) trying to sell his ideas to a Hollywood executive (Greg Kinnear) - is patchy and flimsy and, to me, probably the funniest (and more puerile) movie of 2013 by a long shot (and therefore dismissed by most critics). Not all of the skits 'work' ("Machine Kids" and "Victory's Glory" are weak, to name two), but for the misses there are enough hilariously smart pieces (Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber torturing their son in "Homeschooled," Banks mocking male idiocy in "Middleschool Date," Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin taunting each other in "Veronica") that make up for it, and of course the 'underlying' joke about Farrelly and his crew managing to get a large number of A-listers to participate in these bawdy bits is wild in itself. The content is certainly not to all tastes, but I laughed harder and more consistently at this than most American 'comedies' released in the last several years (which probably says more about me than it should).