Shut Up and Play the Hits

Director: Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern
Year Released: 2012
Rating: 2.0

Lovelace and Southern record the "final concert" (at Madison Square Garden) for James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem project and splice in some footage of Murphy meeting people, getting interviewed by the ever-pontificating Chuck Klosterman and Murphy wondering what the next step is for him in his life. With all due respect to Murphy (whose skill as a musician and producer is unquestionable), this can't help but seem to be a little grandstanding in nature: LCD Soundsystem only 'existed' for six years and all the records were created almost entirely by Murphy himself, with the 'band' only accompanying him on whatever touring he did. It's not like six years is that long a period of time or three albums is that prodigious a catalog of records: you aren't the Stones or Dylan or Leonard Cohen, and such a huge farewell party amounts to self-congratulation. It's not as if Murphy is retiring from music anytime soon (he has since returned to DJing and producing) and will with certainty keep making new records, if only under a different name. The concert, however, is still wonderfully recorded and the chance to hear live versions of "Dance Yrself Clean" and "Someone Great" should not be missed for fans of the records....