A Good Day to Die Hard

Director: John Moore
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.0

N.Y. cop John McClane (Bruce Willis ... again) flies out to Moscow to find out what his son (Jai Courtney) is up to, only to end up in an international affair involving Russian gangsters: within ten minutes of McClane setting foot in Ruskie Land, a building explodes, people are shot and he's driving a truck over other cars (America! America! America!). Thoroughly and unabashedly mindless, Willis is given a few lines to repeat ad nauseum ("I'm on vacation!") while machine-gunning people to pieces, with the Russian characters backstabbing each other on the sidelines. Willis, who I respect, seems good at managing dumb bunny action roles with more nuanced ones: I suppose one can tolerate his A Good Day to Live Free or Die Harder with a Vengeance type movies so long as he keeps doing things like Looper and Moonrise Kingdom.