Get Bruce

Director: Andrew J. Kuehn
Year Released: 1999
Rating: 2.0

Frivolous Hallmark Thank You Card to comedy writer Bruce Vilanch from his celebrity 'pals' (including Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Reiser, Bette Midler and so on) who offer glowing adoration to the man they pay to make them seem witty. While Vilanch is admittedly clever and can certainly produce some humorous lines and numbers, the overly congratulatory and even self-congratulatory (on Vilanch's part) tone makes this the equivalent of one loud, irritating round of applause. Vilanch complaining he doesn't feel he gets paid enough to chew on a straw and make dick jokes (he doesn't appear to be living in tenement housing) would be irritating if the guy wasn't such a bubbly goof-ball.