Love Happy

Director: David Miller
Year Released: 1949
Rating: 1.0

Frankly humorless final Marx Brothers outing has Harpo (who came up with the story) accidentally pilfering a can of sardines with Romanoff diamonds in it, only to be pursued by a woman (Ilona Massey) committed to recovering the treasure. The greatness of the Marx Brothers' work was not only their sense of gleeful anarchy but their incredible interaction with each other, and in this the mood is (relatively) subdued and they're mostly working solo: sure the three do their standard routines (Harpo has a scene playing the harp for a young actress, Chico has a duet with Leon Belasco, Groucho ogles Marilyn Monroe's for the entirety of her ten second appearance), but the creativity and zaniness one might come to expect from the trio is severely lacking. Groucho disowned it and so should everyone else.