The Choirboys

Director: Robert Aldrich
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 0.0

Odious adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh's novel about L.A. cops who are, at best, drunkards and buffoons and at worst corrupt, racist, misogynistic, perverted and homophobic scumbags. I'm guessing one is 'supposed' to find the shenanigans of the police to be like an overgrown fraternity party, but their actions are consistently and repeatedly grotesque and malevolent (and not terribly funny) and actually insulting to those who do the job to the best of their ability and get into the career for the right reasons. The 'voice of reason' in this is supposed to be Charles Durning's character Spermwhale (great nickname ... right?) and his stand against The Man at the end is supposed to be a Noble Act to defend his guys, but I'm still not buying it.