Casanova 70

Director: Mario Monicelli
Year Released: 1965
Rating: 2.0

An officer (Marcello Mastroianni) finds he can only become sexually aroused when he's courting danger, so he seeks out a psychiatrist to cure him of this truly unique paraphilia, only to find himself in even more reckless situations with all-too-willing ladies. A one-joke premise gets milked for all it's worth, and without the charm and swagger of Marcello this would be a disaster, but he keeps it mostly tolerable and light, getting involved with one unhappy woman after another, fleeing and then finding another unhappy woman, eventually ending up on trial for the accidental death of a 'deaf' art collector. The grace of Marcello is his ability to not seem slimy and sleazy in his womanizing: no man that wears a suit that well can be all that bad.