And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Director: Zack Bernbaum
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 0.0

Powerful ad executive (Bruce Greenwood) comes down with an illness that can only be crafted by a hack screenwriter which forces him to only speak in famous ad slogans; there to (inexplicably) let him into her house is naive Karen (Parker Posey) and her difficult daughter (Allie MacDonald). I'm not sure how I'm supposed to review this since it isn't technically a "movie" as much as an awful gimmick better suited for a very mediocre short film: when Greenwood loses his job to a smarmy rival (Callum Blue) it's treated as No Big Deal, and the sole 'drama' that does exist consists of Posey and MacDonald barking at each other. I'm not sure what kind of disorder turns rich CEOs into clueless gibberish-reciting drones, but if it became an epidemic I would not be praying for a cure.