The Aristocats

Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 2.0

After discovering his dotty employer, a wealthy socialite in Paris, is leaving her fortune to her cats (!?), her butler decides to 'kidnap' the felines but they escape, setting them on a series of adventures where they meet up with a Robert Mitchum-talkin' tomcat named O'Malley and end up in the middle of the Parisian jazz scene (?!). Weak as a retread of both Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmations (Reitherman worked on those two movies), this drifts into unacceptably silly territory once the stereotypical hep-cats start bopping around ... and the Chinese cat plays the piano with his chopsticks. Super diva Duchess and her incredibly useless cats-of-privilege are no match against the forces of life, so O'Malley has to keep protecting them at every turn: his reward for compensating for her lack of Feminine Empowerment is moving into her mansion and "marrying up."