Farewell, My Lovely

Director: Dick Richards
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 2.5

Robert Mitchum makes a fantastic Philip Marlowe, the famous downtrodden L.A. detective who has by now grown weary of the whole racket he's been involved in for years, been there, heard that. But because of his fate (or just bad luck), he gets swept into another convoluted crime mystery involving an ex-con who is in search of his missing wife (Charlotte Rampling). Filmed in color, I longed for the black and white Hawks and Huston interpretations of the Hammett/Chandler crime dramas; this is feels too much like a tired, uninspired made-for-TV remake of those classic pictures to make me want to recommend it in any way. The rest of the cast does not come close to what Mitchum is doing - his past experience in the film noir and supreme talent give him the upper hand.