The Lords of Salem

Director: Rob Zombie
Year Released: 2012
Rating: 1.5

A Salem, Massachusetts DJ (Sherri Moon Zombie) gets sent a mysterious record one night and, despite it sounding like a god-awful racket, she plays it in her apartment and on the air - as it turns out, it's a recording made by Satanic witches! Plotting has never been Zombie's strong suit - and neither is dialogue, to be honest - so this only becomes a hoot in the final act when Zombie kills off the historian/writer character (Bruce Davison) he doesn't know what to do with and turns to what he does know: outrageous demonic imagery. Come, see his wife ride a goat (for Satan!)! Look at the movie references (A Trip to the Moon! Rosemary's Baby! Jean Rollin!)! Gasp at the sacrilege!