Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Director: Vittorio De Sica
Year Released: 1963
Rating: 3.0

Three stories set in Italy about the sexual powers and irresistibility of Sophia Loren: story one has Loren (illegally) selling cigarettes on the streets and risking imprisonment, but when she discovers she can't go to jail if she's pregnant, she enlists out-of-work hubby Marcello Mastroianni to keep knocking her up (until they have more kids than they can handle and he becomes anemic). In story two, wealthy Loren takes Marcello for a long drive; when Marcello gets behind the wheel they get into an accident and she ditches him. In the last tale, charming hooker Loren accidentally seduces a would-be teenage priest in an apartment next door to her; meanwhile, Marcello can barely hold his seed in while she tries to set the young priest-in-training back on the road to God. The middle section is unquestionably the weakest segment - but conveniently the shortest - and barely touches on the dynamics of the relationship or the characters' story, but the first and last pieces are charming in a slightly cornball way.