Keep the Lights On

Director: Ira Sachs
Year Released: 2012
Rating: 2.0

Chronicle of a tumultuous relationship between a filmmaker (Thure Lindhardt) and a lawyer (Zachary Booth) has the two breaking up and getting back together for close to a decade - the lawyer also has a serious drug problem and is prone to disappearing for lengthy periods of time. The resulting back-and-forth between the two approaches tedium - most sane people would have bolted when Booth brings over a hustler to have sex with while Lindhardt's character is in the goddamn room - and if this was between a male and female I don't think it would have gotten the attention it did. The script does a poor job 'fleshing out' the inner workings of their union and connection to each other - if anything, Booth doesn't seem to be all that keen on 'making it work' in the first place, making Lindhardt look all the more pathetic - and I'll leave it to the LGBTQ folk to debate whether or not it reflects poorly on the community or not, although it my view it does seem to over-emphasize drug use and promiscuity instead of human connections (unlike Andrew Haigh's far superior 2011 film Weekend).