One Hour With You

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Year Released: 1932
Rating: 3.0

Pre-Hays Code romantic farce has Dr. Bertier (Maurice Chevalier) accused by his wife (Jeanette MacDonald) of having an affair with another woman (Genevieve Tobin) - in response, she stages a fake affair with the other woman's husband, a history professor (Roland Young). There are no real song-and-dance numbers - just Chevalier and company singing some of the lines (or Chevalier singing directly to the camera) - but it's undeniably charming, concluding with a ringing endorsement for fidelity. Chevalier's Oh-So-French style can get to be a bit grating, and he (every so often) comes across as a parody of himself (an issue with his entire oeuvre), but the ladies in this one (particularly hot-to-trot Tobin) are a delight.