Across 110th Street

Director: Barry Shear
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 1.5

A rogue police captain (Anthony Quinn) joins forces with an up-and-comer (Yaphet Kotto) to track down thugs (posing as the police) who robbed the Mafia. A far, far cry from the likes of In the Heat of the Night in its 'investigation' of race-relations in America, this one's main focus is on aggressive tactics, with whites using the "n" word frequently (and actually castrating black suspects!) and people regularly punching and shooting each other (the "blood" looks like bright red paint) - Quinn's character, in particular, likes to shake, hit and scream at anyone that comes near him (he lasted how long on the job?). Gritty in its (overblown?) portrait of crime in '70's era N.Y.C., but flimsy as a police procedural.