Director: André Téchiné
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 1.5

Rare dud from the generally reliable Téchiné involves a novelist (André Dussollier) impulsively asking a slightly younger woman (Carole Bouquet) to move in with him, but he becomes jealous of her and sends a troubled ex-con (Mauro Conte) to follow her - elsewhere, his own daughter (Mélanie Thierry) has gone missing and he's desperate to locate her exact whereabouts. Lazily scripted and not adhering to any rigorous sense of logic, the characters behave erratically and impulsively and are basically unlikeable - they think and act like teenagers even though they're well past that point in their lives. Though lazily scripted and barely captivating on a human level, Téchiné - with cinematographer Julien Hirsch - do a choice job of making Venice look absolutely gorgeous (even though the floating city is, by its nature, already incredibly photogenic).