Whores' Glory

Director: Michael Glawogger
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.5

Intriguing - if hardly revolutionary - examination of the lives of prostitutes in three distinct locations: Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. Nothing here should come as a surprise for most - the conditions are dreadful and the men that utilize the prostitutes' services are largely revolting - and the likelihood of the practice of women selling their bodies for money is never likely to change: it's the oldest profession in the world, because there's always a demand. That said, Glawogger gains intimate access to 'how the process works' and his interviews with the women (... and girls) are captivating in a sensationalistic, fly-on-the-wall sense: when one young lady asks if there's a solution to her plight, the film cuts away to something else, because Glawogger has no answer. The dreary pop songs should have been cut out: I like Tricky and PJ Harvey, but their tales of misery and lust are merely redundant here.