Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Director: Mark and Jay Duplass
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 1.5

Thirty-year-old Jeff (Jason Segel) spends his days smoking pot and watching TV in his mother's basement; one day when she asks him to get wood glue to fix a window, he starts following his Pot-Laced Instinct, gets involved with his brother's (Ed Helms) marital problems and eventually saves lives. While I do believe in some kind of cosmic order to the universe and respect the spiritual side to human nature, this comes across as flip and disingenuous in that regard; surely, if drugs made one 'see' the cosmic order, some of my friends would be professional mystics. The ending, at least, keeps on thing consistent: Jeff, at thirty, still lives in his mother's basement. Even basement dwellers can be heroes, if just for one day.