Caged Heat

Director: Jonathan Demme
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 2.0

Demme's feature debut is actually ... a titty-filled exploitation movie! Young babes in jail (for legitimate reasons) decide to break out because the staff (led by creepy Barbara Steele) are abusive and conducting experiments on them - cue the full-frontal nudity, a ludicrous escape plan, a bank robbery, several car thefts and an amazing place where you can pay (!) to wrestle (!!) with pretty ladies (such an ingenious service!). Auteurists will probably insist there's more to this than there actually is - sure, Demme's a generally intelligent filmmaker, but under the watchful eye of Roger Corman this is basically a carefree boobs and guns movie (with the sporadic slaps at the 'evils' of phallocentrism and the 'psychotic' effects of sexual repression). On a side note: John Cale did the score and Tak Fujimoto shot this. That's not a bad crew for a first time director....