Uncle Kent

Director: Joe Swanberg
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 0.5

Cartoonist Kent (Kent Osborne, not really playing himself) invites over some woman he met on Chatroulette (?) to live with him for a while (??), but she says has a boyfriend (???) and a taste for other women (!!). I don't know why I find Swanberg's fumbling, bumbling DIY movies so depressing, but I do - I think it's because in his attempt to depict some kind of 'reality' he seems to show his characters as leading empty existences: take, for example, Swanberg casting himself (as himself?), staying in a producer's house and just ... moseying around, swimming in the pool, feeding himself. Likewise, when "Kent" tries to have a threesome with two girls, and they end up more interested in each other, he becomes even more rejected. I watched Swanberg's Hannah Takes the Stairs the other day, and his depiction of young women isn't the most flattering: they're confused, promiscuous and in some ways utterly repellant, while his men are horny and awkward and fall in love easily. If this is reality, I'm taking my starship to another dimension.