Gregory's Girl

Director: Bill Forsyth
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 2.5

Lanky doofus Gregory becomes fascinated with high school it-girl (and fine athlete) and is determined to ask her out - trouble is, they have nothing in common, and her and the greasy coach like to do the "Soccer Jig" in the locker room. The "core dilemma" - Gregory going after the girl - is nowhere near as intriguing as, well, pretty much every other character in the picture, from Gregory's 10-year-old sister (who tries her sisterly best to make him a man), his friends (who dream about the voluptuous women who live in "Caracus" [sp] and are eager for the taking) and the other kids in the high school, who sell marzipan and donuts in the boy's bathroom and dress up like penguins for no explicable reason. That Gregory, this uninteresting, hopeless dweeb gets the majority of the attention is a pity, as Forsyth's entire environment - eccentricity at its peak - buzzes with originality. Everyone knows you can't get your dream girl - hence the adjective "dream" - but you can always get someone to take her place, I guess. The movie is much ado about nothing.