The Slumber Party Massacre

Director: Amy Holden Jones
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 0.5

Several "high school girls" (technically, they're women who look like they're in their mid twenties) get hunted down by a freak with a 20-inch drill and a sweet jean jacket. Of note, I suppose, for having a female director and female screenwriter, Rita Mae Brown, but I'm not sensing the usurpation of patriarchy or even the subversion of genre standards that was probably intended - much of this is 'unintentionally' hilarious, and the body count is high (which is what you'd probably have to be to find any enjoyment in watching it). When one of our brave heroines hacks off the villain's exaggeratedly long drill bit, it's supposed to symbolize castration, but all I'll remember from this are bouncy 80's titties. Score yet another victory for manhood.