Director: Peter Yates
Year Released: 1983
Rating: 0.5

Brave warrior Colwyn (Ken Marshall) must rescue his ginger girlfriend from the clutches of a giant bug - to aid him are his merry band of misfits and a metal throwing star he pulled out of lava. I made a list while watching dividing this up into its tacky and not-quite-tacky elements. The Tacky: the acting, the dialogue, at least half of the sets, the mechanical eye on the Cyclops, the special effects in general (pew pew!), the blatant ripping off of Star Wars, the goofy sidekick. The Not-Quite-Tacky: the other half of the sets, the actual on-location shooting. The Curious: is it just me, or does no one in this seem to care much when one of the other characters dies? Like when the Cyclops gets crushed by the rocks or when Liam Neeson gets shot ... it's as if screenwriter Stanford Sherman's saying, "Whew, glad I don't have to write more shitty lines for that guy...."