Elvira Madigan

Director: Bo Widerberg
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 3.0

Doomed Love: Swedish Style. An officer (Thommy Berggren) who has deserted his regiment (not to mention his wife and children) and his tightrope-walking lover (Pia Degermark) hide in the countryside, doing whatever they can for money and food, trying to put aside the nagging notion that they can't survive on the run forever. Although many talk about how gorgeous the cinematography is - and it is one of the most beautiful films I've seen (in recent memory, at least), what really holds it together is the chemistry between Berggren and Degermark, who make a beautifully mixed-up couple without an ounce of common sense between them. Widerberg seems to be suggesting quite the opposite of The Beatles' naive mantra "all you need is love" - many times, you need much more, and idyllic romances in the garden of earthly delights don't necessarily last forever.