Tiny Furniture

Director: Lena Dunham
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 2.0

A recently graduated college student (Dunham, playing a 'version' of her real self) - with a degree in film theory! - returns home to her artist Mum's Kubrickian apartment, where she gets into it with Mum, Sis and tries out a job as a hostess at a restaurant (which she can barely do). Deserves some credit for Dunham to reveal herself in such an unflattering light (she's no starlet), but that all goes along with the solipsistic air of the whole project, with its few moments of wit and its plethora of wallowing in woe-is-me what-do-I-do-now self-pity (we've all been there; go on CareerBuilder or Monster.com ... or borrow money to make a film). Dunham was wise to cast English party girl Jemima Kirke as her good friend; Kirke's sass acts in contrast to Dunham's lethargic mess.