Director: Lucas Belvaux
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 3.0

A high-paid businessman (Yvan Attal) gets kidnapped and tortured (off goes the middle finger!), with the kidnappers demanding a huge payoff for his safe return - trouble is, the businessman's company (and family) doesn't want to pay the ransom, and the newspapers and television news are reporting that he has a taste for gambling and mistresses (what a guy!). This one's a slow burn, methodically moving to its quietly chilling conclusion: no one in this is particularly sympathetic or even remotely pleasant, and when mostly unrepentant Attal is finally freed, the only one even remotely sympathetic towards him is his beloved canine (dogs don't judge). As Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely," and Attal's character's position in the corporation enabled him to have a double life and neglect his family. Trouble is: he got caught.