Director: Evan Glodell
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.5

The Apocalypse as a metaphor for the Death of a Relationship? Sure, go for it, bro: director Glodell, recovering from his own real-world break-up, envisions a movie in which a flamethrower-loving dude (him ... playing himself?) meets and falls for a young lady with issues (Jessie Wiseman), get cheated on, and sees his internal world implode. Its visual distinctiveness (lots of browns and yellows) and scrambled editing style mask its rather familiar set-up (it's another movie about a failed romance - I was reminded of Blue Valentine) and it does tend to meander along the way, but the build-up to the conclusion is successful: Glodell's character, immersed in sadness, realizes he needs to become a Road Warrior, be respected and feared and not a whiny puss about things. Mel Gibson knows this all too well.