The Adventures of Tintin

Director: Steven Spielberg
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.0

Unbearable snoop Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell) purchases a model boat at a flea market, but someone else wants the boat: nefarious Red Rackham (Daniel Craig), who knows that the boat contains part of a map for sunken treasure! Such giddiness! At first I wondered why Spielberg would ever want to be a part of this animated movie, but the whole traveling-land-and-sea for secrets is very Indiana Jones - unfortunately, the animation is efficient without being extraordinary, and in an attempt to look semi-real (like the Robert Zemeckis animated pictures), exists in some unacceptable state between life-like and synthetic. Largely forgettable, but it's worth noting (again) that Andy Serkis - better in digital form or auditory form than human form - deserves some kind of special award for his amazing voice-work (he's the never-sober Captain Haddock).