The Future

Director: Miranda July
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.0

A couple - Miranda July and Hamish Linklater - decide to adopt a dying cat but in waiting for the cat to be temporarily taken care of by the vet they undergo some kind of relationship meltdown in which July cheats with a creepy sign salesman (David Warshofsky) and Linklater quits his tech job and takes to selling trees door-to-door. July's a unique filmmaker with a touch for odd moments of fantasy, but much of this is too smarmy and sarcastic to take altogether seriously - the creepy talking cat bits are half-baked Lynch - and the picture can't escape its inherent morbidity. I can't see the relationship 'rekindling' after such a set-back, and what July's trying to infer about trust and human psychology gets lost in the surrealism.