Director: Spencer Susser
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 1.5

A boy (Devin Brochu), trying to deal with the loss of his mother to a car accident, has his home and life literally invaded by the title metalhead hedonist (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), whose presence makes everyone's life ... worse (for the most part). All of Gordon-Levitt's super-crass, anti-emo persona can't help this from being a tiresome, sadcore affair, enveloped in a dirty, leaf-covered blanket of misery and depression: these down-in-the-dumps characters do little to try to 'pull themselves out' of their sadness and consistently make bad choices, which leads to more problems (and why no one calls the cops to get rid of Hesher is beyond me), Brochu getting beaten up and screaming ad nauseum. The audience is supposed to believe that Hesher's enigmatic persona has 'freed' them from their misery - fight sadness with anger, bro! - but by the end, that hardly seems likely ... even with his one good nut.