Director: Richard Ayoade
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 3.0

Peculiar lad Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) has a lot to keep him busy: for starters, his relationship with dark and brooding Jordana (Yasmin Paige) is on permanently shaky ground and his parents' relationship is on even more shaky ground, especially with Dear Ol' Mum (Sally Hawkins) eyeing up an old boyfriend (Paddy Considine). Brings to mind those Kitchen Sink Dramas we know so well - crossed with the standard Coming of Age narratives - but done with a lot of style and high Quirk factor: normally I'd bristle at the combination (Igby Goes Down being the low-water mark), but young filmmaker Ayoade makes it work, primarily because his cast is outstanding (Noah Taylor's reclusive fish expert Pop is a sympathetic figure). The humor is dry but works - Roberts is humorous and flippant and does dumb things but for the most part his intentions come from a noble place (he fakes a letter to his Mom from his Dad suggesting they have more sex). Also, Wales: you're welcome that we haven't invaded you (yet). Should we discover there is oil there, look out. Sincerely yours, America.