Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Director: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.5

Out-of-touch Steve Carell finds out his wife (Julianne Moore) cheated on him and wants a divorce; despondent, he reaches out to a young womanizer (Ryan Gosling, metrosexual all the way), who picks him out of a slump by teaching him about dressing better, having confidence, and sleeping with as many women as possible (but don't worry, Gosling Learns This Is Wrong). Blatantly moral movie decries flings and one-night-stands over That Thing Called Love, which it believes whole heartedly in - the values are old-fashioned but earnest, and the dialogue and characters are likeable enough that you want to believe in what it's saying. If only it could have done without its dreadful last twenty minutes, in which one character is revealed to be related to another at the most opportune time, and when it breaks into its Big Pronouncements during Carell's son's 8th grade graduation. Analeigh Tipton's character's decision to take photos of herself naked is a very wise choice: that is precisely how you seduce an older man.