King Solomon's Mines

Director: Robert Stevenson
Year Released: 1937
Rating: 2.5

Mercifully brief yarn about a group of world-weary travelers, led by Alain Quartermain (Sir Cedric Hardwicke), to find some treasure (which just-so-happens to be protected by a tribe of African-Americans). There are some lively moments in there - no film with the humorous Roland Young in it is so unbearable - but the story has been done since then so many times (Treasure of the Sierra Madre) and so many times better, with unique twists and more compelling characters that this one pales in comparison. Not an embarrassment, but nothing startling or entirely arresting either - it's like that same story your grandfather tells you of the days on the farm. Sure, that's neat, you say, but you'd rather not hear it again. It is of note to me, personally, because this is the first movie I've ever seen Paul Robeson in.