Everything Must Go

Director: Dan Rush
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 1.0

A salesman with a severe drinking problem (Will Ferrell, trapped in a glass cage of emotion) loses his job, his wife and his house, with said wife dumping his belongings all over the yard - instead of doing any number of normal, rational things in a situation such as that, the salesman plops himself down and has a yard sale. It's a case of Self-Help Banalities Galore: Ferrell has to Learn to Leave His Material Possessions Behind in Order to Improve as a Person. He has to Quit Drinking by Taking a Single Valium. He has to Atone for (Allegedly) Cheating on His Wife. He has to Befriend a Local Outcast and Teach Him About Self-Confidence. He has to Figure Out What Rebecca Hall is Doing in This Movie Because I Sure-As-Hell Don't.