Director: Sergio Caballero
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 3.0

Inextricably weird avant-garde ditty from first-time filmmaker Caballero follows two ghosts throughout Spain as they make their trek towards the coast and await reincarnation. Part of me finds this to be annoyingly obtuse because it's so willfully scrambled and abstract, but it's also structurally unique and gorgeously filmed (in digital, no less, by accomplished cinematographer Eduard Grau). Caballero doesn't take himself too seriously - there are more than a few 'actual' jokes and non-jokes scattered throughout - and his use of pop music (Suicide, Nico) and ambient noise is disconcerting; it's as perverse a debut I've seen in ... well, a long, long time. This isn't cinema for everyone, although fans of Jodorowsky's early work and Garrel's The Inner Scar might find it a curious venture.