Red Line 7000

Director: Howard Hawks
Year Released: 1965
Rating: 1.0

Several race car drivers (including a very, very young James Caan) risk their lives on a regular basis for their profession - which seems to have an inordinate number of vehicles literally flying off the track and/or being smashed to utter bits - so in their off-hours they like to take that macho rage and try to land some ladies at the local watering hole. Notable, I suppose, as being one of the last movies Hawks ever made (and his fascination with 'machismo') though it comes across as second rate Sirk, with some truly questionable acting and even more questionable dialogue (when one young lady inquires to her man, in bed, how many other girls he's had, she gets turned on by his response). Not even the on-the-track scenes give this much of a jolt, though Caan's brooding perfectionist (who has to settle for "second best") does give the picture a bit of seething intensity (utilized wonderfully years later by a certain Francis Ford Coppola).