The Pearls of the Crown

Director: Sacha Guitry
Year Released: 1937
Rating: 3.5

Playful recount by chatterbox Guitry (playing multiple roles) about the history of seven priceless pearls: four of them would end up in the Crown of England and the other three lost to who-knows-where. I'm not certain how 'true' to history any of this is, but it is witty, quick moving fun: Guitry, known for his staginess, uses (and, at times, abuses) flashbacks and flash forwards to chart the long, elaborate history of the title objects - the result can, at times, be a little too hasty for its own good, but sometimes it's better just to cut-to-the-chase. Another positive in this is Guitry's skillful use of characters who speak multiple languages - English, French and Italian - and ever-so-subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) wit.