Cannibal! The Musical

Director: Trey Parker
Year Released: 1993
Rating: 2.5

Goofy novelty by Parker (and Stone) - made when both were still students at the University of Colorado - about Alferd Packer's ill-conceived trip with a group of men from Iowa to Colorado that ended up with Packer's entourage dead (and eaten) and Packer accused of cannibalism. The musical numbers are a lot of fun, actually, especially Parker's bit about his missing horse (an inside joke for him - he named the horse after a real-life woman that jilted him) and the comical gore and violence are what cemented this getting a release by Lloyd Kaufman (it's as much influenced by Broadway as The Toxic Avenger). Famous avant-garde filmmaker/instructor Stan Brakhage has a brief bit here as Dian Bachar's dad - for being as serious and exalted as Brakhage was, his willingness to participate in this shows that he not only had a sense of humor, but he supported his students' endeavors just like a good teacher should.