Your Highness

Director: David Gordon Green
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 1.5

R-rated riff on The Princess Bride has bumbling Thadeous (Danny McBride) and virtuous Fabious (James Franco) on the road to retrieve Fabious' virginal bride-to-be (Le Zooey) from a virginal wizard (Justin Theroux). The humor consists of McBride's liberal use of the f-word and some jokey drug references, but not too much thought was placed in it: it reeks of its own contentment to be disposable - even McBride's television show, Eastbound and Down, is better thought out (and far funnier) on an episode-to-episode basis. This is probably more 'action' than 'comedy,' and since Green seems adept at neither - his crowning moment is the moody art-house movie George Washington - there isn't much left.