O.C. and Stiggs

Director: Robert Altman
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 1.0

Failed attempt to skewer the 'teen comedy' by Altman, who turns this into a nonsensical, anarchistic jumble (... but not in a good way). It's a whacked-out, loosely connected 'tale' of two pompous high school age pranksters (Daniel Jenkins and Neill Barry) who exist only to torment a family headed by a pompous insurance agent (Paul Dooley). It's supposed to be a satire, but it's too unfocused to really pierce the armor of middle-class suburban Arizona; it wants to smash the bourgeoisie, but it lacks the discreet charm to do so. At least Martin Mull is there to provide a good chuckle (as a peddler of African-themed clothing).