Director: Neil Burger
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 2.0

Down-and-out writer-with-a-mental-block (terminally unshaven Bradley Cooper) stumbles upon a Wonderdrug that allows him to focus on his novel and figure out the stock market ... in other words, he finds a wacked version of Adderall, but he soon becomes addicted (predictably). Odd pro-drug (in moderation) picture contains a substantial number of logical loopholes - that are the fault of screenwriter Leslie Dixon (working from Alan Glynn's novel) - and seems ideologically irresponsible: Cooper's only serious fault, apparently, is abusing the drug and not taking it casually (which, don't worry, he rectifies by the end). Cooper is a confident male lead, however - this makes good use of his incessant self-confidence and swagger - and Robert De Niro happily plays supporting man, but any movie that basically tells me that the pill addicts I went to college with were taking the smart route to success can only be met with a frown.